Tile Flooring

Need new tile flooring? We have the latest generation of tile flooring. These tiles are warm underfoot and are come in many beautiful looks and colors.

Many homeowners want a tile floor but do not like the fact that tile can get cold underfoot. They worry about tiles cracking and the expense of extensive sub-floor preparation. Grout staining and cracking is also a major concern. Today's modern tiles eliminate many of these problems. They are warmer underfoot than traditional tiles. They can be installed in one day (either with or without grout). The acrylic grout that is used is highly stain resistant and will neither crack or flake. There is a huge selection to choose from and you will be amazed at how affordable these tiles are! Let a SMART Carpet and Flooring representative show you these exciting new products.

Advantages of our Popular Styles of Tile Flooring

Frieze Carpet Close Up


Durable and stain resistant.


Stain resistant

Classic look


Plush Carpet Close Up


Sustainable and easy to care for.


Easy to care for

Patterned Carpet Close Up

Traditional Stone

Timeless and unique appearance.

Timeless look

Aesthetically appealing

Texture Carpet Close Up

Non-Traditional Stone

Timeless and unique appearance.

Unique appearance