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Installation Warranty

This is the warranty that made us famous. Throughout the life of your carpet, temperature and humidity changes can affect the way your carpet lays. Five years from now you may need a restretch. Just give us a call and we will come out and fix it for free. It's just that simple. All seams, restretches and stair work are warrantied for as long as you own your home.*
All seams and restretches are warrantied for one year.*
All installations are warrantied for one year.*
A wood floor has to endure a full four seasons in change of tempearture and humidity. Usually after one full year a wood floor has completely acclimated to its surroundings.
All installations are warrantied for one year.*
*Damage caused locally (by someone or something other than a "Smart Carpet" Employee or Representative) is not covered by this warranty, however may be repairable for a small service fee.
*Damage caused by pets or pet urine or water damage may be repairable but chargeable.
*Carpet "wrinkles" caused by delamination of carpet layers fall under manufacturer warranty. Claims made for delamination will be processed by SMART Carpet on behalf of the consumer.