The Mobile Revolution Comes to Call

As a mobile showroom pioneer in the Northeast, SMART Carpet and Flooring makes sure to keep a finger on the pulse of the industry. We’ve seen a steady stream of mobile showrooms popping up in the tri-state area . . . and even across the country. What’s driving this trend, and how can you as the consumer benefit?

Choose Your Carpet Colors with Shop at Home

Are you in the process of buying new carpet for your home? There’s no better way to find the color that’s just right for you than by using Smart Carpet and Flooring’s Shop at Home service!

A Customer’s Experience Part 2: Carpet Installation Process

The carpet installation process can be really challenging for some homeowners. The hassle of the actual carpet removal, along with trusting carpet installers to do a good job can be a bit overwhelming.

A Customer’s Experience Part 1: Selecting Carpet Made Easy through the Smart Carpet Shop-at-Home Process

Carpet buying can be really challenging for some homeowners, and this is why we created our shop-at-home showrooms.

Shop At Home Experience

Purchasing flooring used to be a chore – driving to stores, sifting through scores of samples, agonizing over what colors will look good in your home while not in your home.