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The flooring professionals in our mobile SMART Carpet & Flooring Stores in New Jersey, New York, & Pennsylvania know that comfort plays a big role in choosing the right flooring for your home. However, due to the many choices and colors selection can sometimes be difficult. Carpet style makes a big difference. Look at the basics of carpeting construction. All carpets have a backing, and through the backing, the manufacturer loops fibers. Depending on the style of carpeting, the loops may stay continuous or the manufacturer may cut them. A cut loop gives a tufted soft appearance. A non-cut loop gives a textured surface that works well in high traffic areas. Some combine both cut and non-cut loops. Some manufacturers use this mixture to create both textural and visual patterns. Needless to say, you need a mobile carpet store at your home with a seasoned flooring professional to help guide you to the right application for your home.

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Our mobile SMART Carpet Store experts know that depending on the choice of fiber and cut, the carpet can come in a number of styles. Cut pile is the general term for any cut loop fiber. Cut pile applications contain a perfectly even cut with solid color strands and often goes by the name of Saxony. Textured is another cut pile carpet, but it has a different twist and a permanent curl in the fibers. It lies down and does not show footprints nearly as much as Saxony does. The style frieze has a much tighter loop that curls back on itself for a dense, durable surface. Many know loop carpeting as Berber. Carpeting is an intricate world, make sure your consult is an expert to help you find the perfect match for your application.

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Commercial carpeting is built to be durable. Most commercial applications of carpet require the ability to handle extremely high amounts of traffic. Majority of commercial applications require built-in durability as well as stain resistance. Many commercial carpets come with patterns and textures standard. Commercial grade product will last for years without showing a great deal of wear and tear. Commercial carpets work well in restaurants, offices, and other public areas where people travel. It is a practical choice that brings comfort under the foot for employees and guests alike. Our mobile carpet stores and flooring stores carry 1000s of styles and colors for you to choose from.

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Durability is something that all flooring products need. Innovations continue to make carpets more durable. Stain protection is a central component of most carpeting today. With treatments that vary from each manufacturer, the protection goes into the deepest fibers to help prevent stains from absorbing into the fibers. Durability also means the ability to take wear and tear as well. Many modern carpet fibers have the ability to spring back under traffic. Choice of carpet style is essential, but the fibers of today can hold up well. SMART Carpet stores and flooring stores are here to help you choose the carpet you need in your home or office. Give us a call today for NJ, NY or PA Carpet.

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