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Basement Carpet

Having carpeting in your basement is part of the finishing process and will make your lower level look great. However, selecting the right basement carpet takes more effort than you probably think. Lots of factors play into whether carpeting is right for your basement. First off, if you have any type of water problem in your basement, it should probably be taken care of first. Moisture is not good for carpeting, so waterproofing your basement should be the first step taken before any carpet is laid down. Wet carpet will have to be replaced far more often than a continuously dry one.

Once the moisture levels are at a reasonable level-preferably low-you need to create an environment to keep it that way. That means low humidity and lots of ventilation, or else you're just asking for mold and mildew to grow. If ventilation is going to be a problem, a dehumidifier will at least keep the air dry down there. Basement carpet with anti-microbial built into the padding is a plus. Furthermore, if you're going to keep pets in the basement or if it's going to have heavy foot traffic, a carpet with polyurethane backing is probably the way to go. Cheaper carpets may look good, but you'll have to replace them more often and they might not hold up against moisture as well.

As far as the top of the basement carpet goes, olefin face fiber is strongly suggested. It's resistant against chemicals, which will help out if you're cleaning up after pets with cleaning solutions or bleach. Carpets with jute backing are not suggested. The consistency of this type of backing is reminiscent of a potato sack, so water seeping into it will be a major problem. To remedy this situation, choose carpeting with all synthetic materials. Paying a little extra for a quality carpet will mean you'll get a carpet that might last 15 years instead of just 5.

So, if you're set on carpeting your basement, take the steps beforehand to make sure your basement floor is dry. The carpeting itself will complete the finishing of your basement, but it will take a bit of work to keep it looking great. Basement carpet is a great alternative to plain concrete, and pets will enjoy sleeping on it, which will save you money on pet beds as well. Just remember to keep the basement cool and dry, and things should be fine.

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