Hardwood Floors Vs. Carpeting

The decision between hardwood floors and carpeting is a debate we hear frequently and the truth is, there are benefits to both. In almost every situation, the choice of flooring is decided more often on the type of use and personal taste and style. Since both hardwood floors and carpets

Carpet Trends For 2016

As summer transitions into Fall, it is always a great time to renovate your home, but deciding which type of flooring can be an incredibly difficult part of the process. Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring options and while flooring trends may come and go, these are some

Keeping Carpets Clean for Summer

Summer has finally arrived and with it comes a ton of outdoor activities, but all that outdoor fun can be hard on carpets in your home. So, to keep your carpets looking clean all summer, here are a few simple tips and tricks for avoiding some of the most common

Matching New & Old Hardwood Floors

It’s no big surprise that although plenty of hardwood flooring alternatives exist, many homeowners still argue that there’s still nothing like the real thing. And, once you have hardwood installed somewhere in your house or workplace, it’s hard not to want it everywhere. One of the biggest

Carpet Care & Maintenance: The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

While we all love the feeling of freshly installed carpet, it can all come crashing to an agonizing end the minute there’s a spill or the moment you notice a thread out of place. Never fear! After scouring the Internet for the best suggestions and how-to’s, we’ve

5 Facts About Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are some of the most popular flooring preferences of homeowners and people in the market to buy a home, and for good reason. Not only do hardwood floors instantly add value and elegant appeal to your home, but this investment can lead to decades of use with minimal